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Meet The Designer

Jalyssa "Ladii Jay" Smith

I am the face behind "The Fashion Statement". While being a published, full time runway model for a few years,  I grew a love for fabric and sewing. I am self-taught and every garment I sell has been handcrafted by these hands! My "it girl" is over the top and extra but perfectly dressed for the occasion. What keeps me designing is the joy my garments bring when my clients put on the finished product. I strive to help my customers embrace their inner and outer beauty through fashion.


Fashion Is Life!

We are everything fashion! From our fashion blog to our fashion shows, you will never be out the loop! We specialize in fashion event production, as well as runway training classes, wardrobe styling and promotional modeling. We conduct runway training classes once a month, we style for all occasions and we provide promotional modeling services for all genres of brands. Urban, high fashion, and makeup  are just to name a few of our favorites. We create a networking circle, brand businesses and offer opportunity for growth. For us fashion is not just about the clothes, its a lifestyle.

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