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Fash-Art: Where Fashion Meets Art

The Fashion Statement was please to be in the building along with fashion and art enthusiasts for the Fash Art Co. by Quiche' in Detroit, MI. Artist Barbara Cronan of Anna Chloe Company created paintings with inspirations from garments that were created by local fashion designers. We got a chance to chat with Quiche' ask about her brand!

What is Quiché?

"Quiché (don't for get the accent) is a plus size model/business women who is creating her own lane in the Detroit fashion world! Quiché was first Quiche but I added the accent so I wouldn't be compared to breakfast food! LoL."

What inspired you to start your brand?

"I was inspired by my love for art! Although I'm no Picasso I love, love art! My parents, when I was little always took my brother sisters and I to the museums. My favorite is Cranbrook Institute of Arts! My model divas such as, Ladii Jay, Big Sexz from the D, and